BA Sales Agency History

How I Became a Manufacturers Rep

At the ripe old as of 15, I began working at Official Sports as a stock boy. My father worked there, and I did the grunt work. Sharpening skates was the worst.

A few years later, my father, decided to open his own business, Tri-County Sports. So, my career began. I was now thrown into the thralls of being a salesman. Today, as a rep, I can honestly say that I was not a salesman. I was an order taker. The customer walked in, told me what they wanted, and I ordered it. Never attempting to convince them that there were better choices for them.

In 1990, our J&J manufacturers rep (Jim Viola), asked my father if he could speak to me about becoming a rep for his agency. Mr. Viola approached me, and I made the best decision of my life, to get in the rep business. Mr. Viola was a great mentor.

In 2000, myself and four reps bought Mr. Viola’s rep agency and began JVA Athletic Sales. Five chiefs in one operation is very hard so after a few years I decided it was time to go out on my own. Here we are today, with BA SALES AGENCY.

Though the industry has changed significantly from the Jim Viola days, I still strive to be the rep he taught me to be. I work hard to build relationships with my dealers. I am honest to a fault. I help my dealers, by getting to the end users.